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GitHub repository company, however this application ignored up until an unknown well-wisher is not attracted to the problem of public and media attention. As a result, the company was forced

to Bitmain justified and urgently to the official explanation. During each communication equipment transmits to the address provided a serial number, MAC-address and IP-address. Swagbucks related submissions only; Be a respectful human being; Do NOT post. 6 3 comments, sAve on your Mortgage - 6SB 2 comments, todays Discover Offers, uS-only Swag Code: EpicTrialxxxx for 3 SBs. According to the company, this feature has been added to the code to device owners themselves can control the equipment remotely, and had a chance to disable a miner, if that is stolen or hacked. Antbleed also allows law enforcement agencies to provide more data if it is suddenly needed. BitMain is one of the leading Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers in the world. Submitted 3 days ago by Garwald. An anonymous researcher raised a storm in mayningovom community spread through Twitter about backdoor Antbleed, detected in the equipment companies Bitmain, which is the world's largest supplier of equipment for mining cryptocurrency. It has been reported that the backdoor was discovered in the S9 Series devices and earlier versions S9s. 4 3 comments, sAve on your Mortgage - 6SB 2 comments, todays Discover Offers, uS-only Swag Code: EpicTrialxxxx for 3 SBs. United States, m - announcement. The official website of Antbleed explained that Bitmain device, please contact m, once in 1-11 minutes, and the domain is owned. Protect against Antbleed researcher offers a proven and simple way: once again change the / etc / hosts, m redirecting to localhost ( m). 49 26 comments, holy Crap, it's actually possible! Expires at 01:00 PM PDT. The only square I need left to complete everything is the. Worse, any attacker who carry out attacks man-in-the-middle or DNS, can also activate the backdoor, because no authentication best mechanism Antbleed does not provide. Antbleed also likely present in the L3 models, T9 and R4, although this is only an assumption of an unknown researcher. The fact that the "backdoor" still is present in the firmware of devices - it is a bug and someone's oversight.

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