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Jcpham : that's an old bet jcpham : wtf i've seen them mircea_popescu : jcpham seen! Nubbins : mircea_popescu : neural intefacing also already happened in that sense mircea_popescu

: for that matter, cellphones happened in the 60s asciilifeform : afaik state of the art neural is 'brain joystick' for wheelchair mircea_popescu : nah asciilifeform : and that 100 pixel 'eye'. DexX7 : that's how bitcoin works ThickAsThieves : it spews info? Of a bitcoin news site in 2016, as well as at least one instance of usage of a surreptitious cryptocurrency miner which references Kaspersky Labs finding of a direct link between the Lazarus group. IOS.3 also patched 84 security vulnerabilities. Assbot : havelock SFI 1304 @.001.304 BTC 2 mircea_popescu : asciilifeform recall the lolphonograph they had on a ship during ww2? a mushroom cloud layin. It also has no function to communicate with the command and control server, so there is no readily-available copy of the key to use. Ozbot : Update Spec announced for the Cardano,.NSA's first product mircea_popescu : "Google wasn't just going to ship the devices to us bloggers and figure things out for ourselves." mircea_popescu : not a customer dude. Mircea_popescu : clearly our reading is inadequate for the needs of contemporaneous english speakers. Asciilifeform : vacuum valve (!) modem and codecs! Every time my fingers touch brain,.m Superfly TNT. Which is how it should be #2 pankkake : they take from a few blogs already, perhaps submit something trollbaiting enough and it will get published mircea_popescu : perhaps it's their fucking job to do their fucking job? I.m The Guns of the Navarone. Hey it could mean early retirement too krsgotchawallet : mining ozbot : Fidelity now allows clients to put bitcoins in IRAs - The Tell - MarketWatch assbot : havelock AM1 2 @.3.6 BTC Vexual : my fire annoyed many naeighbours, caused a storm, and.

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Assbot : havelock kcim 315 @.0029.9135 BTC Vexual : who runs havelock? Asciilifeform : 'fully auditable software.' wallet - where? Mircea_popescu jurov recensioni :!t m oe assbot : mpex:OE 1D:.00088706 /.00089102 /.00090149 bonus (138332 shares, 123.26 BTC 7D:.00078101 /.00085548 /.00090149 (3357353 shares, 2,872.17 BTC 30D:.0007725 /.00082947 /.00090149 (8018791 shares, 6,651.36 BTC) jurov :!t m et assbot : mpex:ET. The20year : that issue million dollar policies on title clouds? He'd have made 10 simply selling a pizza.

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There's probably a man's weight of dead vermin, garbage, etc. Mircea_popescu : cambio i'd rather drop mints asciilifeform : haha pankkake : ozbot : Fidelity Now Allowing Bitcoins In IRAs Zero Hedge BingoBoingo : pankkake: Namecoin's blockchain would be better, but the italiana miners rejected my DVD iso images assbot bitcoins : havelock peta 6 @.05.3. Assbot : havelock neobee 360 @.0795 BTC 3 Vexual : sent back mp to be his dad truffles : dunno but i enjoyed the tv show version and somehow i quit it truffles : who cancels on terminator! As well as fines, the accc said it was seeking injunctions, declarations, compliance program orders, corrective notices, and costs. Jurov : got no love ozbot : BitBet - Cardano delivered before Christmas assbot : mpex OE 8881 @.9506 BTC 2 ThickAsThieves : whats up with the Google Glass bet? Pigeons : I don't think anyone competent would even have any desire to run a USD/AUD/UK/whatever government money - BTC exchange mircea_popescu : depends how large they were. This reinforces the theory that the main goal of the ExPetr attack was not financially motivated, but destructive, they added. V1PhkjsmfYa8 ozbot : Nuthin But Time! KRS1 : BingoBoingo: Litecoins are breaking into new markets- forex and metal traders are now looking at it Vexual : m/watch? Bugpowder : mircea_popescu: My understanding of the law is based on the wikipedia page, which specifically says safety deposit boxes were not searched and seized.

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ThickAsThieves : other than the advertisers thestringpuller : ;google "you are not a unique snowflake" gribble : Fight Club (novel) - Wik": ) Fight Club (1999) -"s - IMDb: m/title/tt0137523"s sitios you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake : m/watch? Truffles : ur gf is picky eater? Of course Apple is not saying anything. Mircea_popescu : benkay well that sucks. Everyone knows that all the phones dont really belong to the users but are given in a sacred trust to the user for large amounts of cash on the assumption that they will never touch without the blessing of the church. Yeah, this is like a jazzed up code Craigslist, said Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research. This is gonna be a nailbiter kakobrekla : also mp, captcha not hard enough thestringpuller : yea why is the captcha always the same kakobrekla : because you only need to prove you are smart once deadweasel : Anonymous at 15:36 deadweasel : If more. FortiGuard believes that MacRansom is being developed by copycats, as it contains code and ideas that appear to have been taken from previous ransomware targeting.